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Ayurveda gives great emphasis to the importance of seasonal cleansing. There is an opportunity each spring and fall to relieve the burden imposed on our bodies due to an accumulation of toxins or ama. This information packet takes a deep dive into all the practices involved, so you can do this type of cleanse safely at home. Many sources share about how to undergo such a cleanse, but here you will find the inspiration and reasoning behind all the protocols as well. This understanding will enrich your experience as you make each dietary and lifestyle change.

The main benefit of this cleanse is that it is ideal for eliminating toxins and their associated blahs such as bad breath, body odor, coated tongue, excess weight, mental fog and poor cellular communication. However, there are numerous other benefits including; improved digestion and assimilation, reducing cravings, reduced stress, improved discernment, healing of vague aches and pains and more. It is a major reset for healthy habits and inspires you to evolve your self-care routines each and every new season.

Helpful info. After placing your order for this information packet a confirmation page will come up right after check out. It has the download available right there. If you miss this and don’t download from there, it will also be available in an email sent to you. It won’t be on the invoice email. It will be on the email that says -your order is now complete.


  1. Julie Hutchins (verified owner)

    I completed the 10-day ayurvedic cleanse and was astounded at how effective it was! Going into the cleanse I had low expectations, but was blown away at how my energy levels improved. I no longer felt sluggish or lethargic throughout the day and my digestion improved. I really enjoyed taking the 10-day supply of Julie’s herbs in addition to the ayurveda protocol. I believe the power of the herbs is what made this cleanse gentle, yet successful. The protocol packet was highly informative and answered all my questions. I especially appreciated the recipes for making ghee and kitchari. While I have given myself the freedom of being an omnivore, I am able to maintain many of the ayurveda practices in my life such as, drinking water first thing in the morning, cooking with ghee, eating mung beans, not snacking after 7PM, and having a nice cuppa herbs before bed. I am looking forward to applying the strict principles again in the fall when the body is naturally ready to transition and cycle in a new season. Thank you so much to Julie for providing this wonderful resource in our small community.
    Julie Hutchins

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