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Julie, I came to your street market booth during the Telluride Film Festival and was introduced to your products there. I love everything I purchased that day (RoseHip Oil and Rose Mist) and have since ordered several more things. I’m now one of your biggest fans!!! I’m only sorry you don’t have more products! Everything so far so potent, fresh and pure.

Ann Roecker

Roecker Consulting Group

When I began weaning my daughter I had pain, tenderness, and discomfort. I was truly amazed at the immediate healing power of Singing Springs Breast Oil. The pain is gone, but I still use the oil because it smells and feels so good. I highly recommend the Breast Oil for any mom who needs relief from weaning. Also while I was pregnant I drank the delicious and wonderful Singing Springs Nutritive Pregnancy Tea. It’s so yummy and so good for both of you! It was always a special treat.

Kate Schofield

Telluride, CO

I received new supply of Arnica Liniment and once again have a sense of calm. I have been using this product for over four years and can’t imagine life without it. I live an active life and use the liniment regularly for muscle or body aches, bruises and stiffness. What is cool is that it works well prophylactically- so if I know I am going for a long bike ride or day skiing, I spray it on and often avoid the cramps and muscle soreness that typically come after a workout. My five year old grandaughter Cate is a convert too! It is magic for growing pains and helps calm the jittery legs of a growing young person. My wife has used it for sore feet and as expected, it works like a miracle. I have shared a bottle or two with friends and they too were totally impressed. Thanks for making this great remedy, a real “magic potion” for me….keep up the great alchemy!

Ron Vaughn

Denver, CO

I have been using Singing Spring’s Facial Serum for many years and I’m absolutely devoted to it. It’s fantastic! I turned 50 this year and people compliment me on how great my skin looks and I completely credit this product! Many many thanks…



Because I take great care in what I put in and on my body, I am grateful to have found Singing Spring’s wise and wonderful healing herbal remedies.

With Love and Gratitude , Basalt, CO

Singing Springs Botanicals Arnica Salve has been a wonderful addition to my medical massage practice. I use it during sessions to treat sore and inflamed muscles and joints. My clients also buy the Arnica Salve to use on their injuries between sessions. They report Singing Springs Arnica Salve is a staple in their medicine chest. I find the Arnica Salve is effective in naturally reducing inflammation and pain in muscles that are overworked or traumatized. Each jar is carefully prepared, by hand with the freshest ingredients. It also smells good due to a special combination of essential oils. I recommend the Arnica Salve for use in massage therapy practices and to anyone who suffers muscle or joint pain.

Helen S. Bruner, BS, CNMT

Littleton, CO

Singing Springs Botanicals Lavender and Rose Toner is so lovely. I use it almost every day as a cleanser and as a toner. I can see and feel it take away unwanted dirt and oils and feel good it is free from anything artificial. I love the way it makes my skin feel and look and it smells delicious! I always buy another bottle before I run out. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to cleanse and nourish their skin.

Summer Colt

Telluride, CO

This stuff has been a lifesaver. I have’nt been sick since I started using it during the winter and for traveling. I used to get sick frequently from traveling and not now. It’s great!

Suzanne Voss

Santa Ynez, CA

Julie is an innate healer, herbalist and athlete with an incredible knowledge of the natural world and all the medicines it has to offer. Her Singing Springs Botanicals products capture this and have been a part of my life for over 9 years. I find the products are of higher quality and potency than their commercial equivalents and they make excellent gifts!

Jonathan Rummel

Hand Forged Works, N. Andover, MA.

When my girls start playing soccer they get very sore shin muscles. I rub the Arnica salve on their shins and then roll the muscles on their legs with a rolling pin. The next day all the muscle pain is gone and they don’t have to miss any practices. I love it for skiing too.

Peggy Peters

Vail Valley Ski School, CO

I use the Arnica Salve on my knees. I used to wear neoprene knee sleeves. These helped a bit, but my knees were swollen and ached every day. Now, I use Singing Springs Botanicals Arnica Salve, the swelling has gone away and my knees don’t ache or throb anymore. I couldn’t teach skiing every day if I did not have it. It makes teaching fun again. Oh, I also give it to my clients for their sore quads and knees when they’re skiing with me on their vacations. They love it too!

Mike Dawson

Vail Valley Ski School, CO

I first was introduced to Singing Springs Botanicals while we were on vacation in Telluride, Colorado at the farmer’s market. We bought several products at that time and since have bought many more. We’ve bought the arnica salve, deodorant, toner and cleanser, the face serum, which I love and many other products. My face is so soft in the morning after I use it. My 19 year old daughter uses the face cleanser and toner daily and it shows, because her skin is beautiful. We will continue to use these products because they are very healthy for our skin. I have recommended these products to my friends too. Thank you Julie for providing us with these healthy skin products. The world is a better place because of your products. Thank you.

Laurel S.

Racine, Wisconsin