Frequently Asked Questions

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You have 3 different Arnica products, how do I choose between them?

All of the Arnica products are wonderful and it is difficult to choose. So here is a quick breakdown.

Each of the products, the liniment, the oil and the salve all offer full strength, potent extracts of Arnica. They are not homeopathic like most gels on the market.

The Arnica Liniment, being an alcohol extract is likely the strongest of the three. It is nice to use the liniment for severe pain, serious bruises, shin splints, ski boot pain and post surgery. Also, if you are in a hurry, it is easy to apply. A couple pumps of the atomizer administers the liniment on the injured or sore area. The alcohol is penetrating and brings the medicine internally quiet fast and there is no risk of getting nice clothes oily.

The Arnica Oil is wonderful for massage and for use over larger areas such as the entire back or the entire legs. It is ideal after a strenuous workout when you presume you will be sore the next day. When applied to the overworked area, as soon as possible, it will work wonders to prevent soreness. The oil comes with a choice of three different essential oil blends, Peppermint, Birch, or Lavender, Rosemary & Helichrysum. If you prefer a certain smell over another you have options. Further, the oil is the least expensive of the three.

The Arnica Salve is popular because of its creamy smooth consistency. It works very well for massage over large areas and is thick enough it can be applied over small injuries like bruises, vericosities, or joints a bit easier than the oil.

So here is the breakdown again

Arnica Liniment- absorbs quickly, won’t get clothes oily,  strongest.

Arnica Oil- excellent for massage, least expensive, 3 choices of aroma.

Arnica Salve consistency very smooth, excellent for massage.

Why is [insert any product name] unavailable?

Singing Springs products may be unavailable for a couple of reasons. First of all, all products are handcrafted in a small batches. By making medicines in such a manner it is possible to avoid the preservatives commonly used by factory produced brands. These products need to be made fresh and are intended to be used readily. They are not made en-mass to sit on warehouse and shop shelves, therefore they tend to run out more often. Secondly, these handcrafted remedies contain herbs that only grow during the summer months, or are gathered from the wild, in a short window, when they are at their medicinal peak. If sufficient raw material is not collected at that time, it is simply not possible to procure it in the winter months. Further, the areas in which wild herbs are gathered can only handle so much and it is not ethical or responsible to take more than what an area can sustain annually. Such is the nature of these types of products.


Please do not feel disappointed, rather feel good about the fact that Singing Springs does not have a ‘provide at all costs’ ethic. The plants give us their parts or their lives for this medicine and the least we can do is respect their livelihood. Enjoy the uniqueness of what is offered; small batch, artisan quality, fresh, seasonal, wild, sustainable…. And sometimes ephemeral.


If there’s something you really like and it’s out of stock, please contact me and I’ll put you on a list to be notified as soon as it is back.

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is a gentle and effective form of medicine involving plant-based preparations. Examples of such preparations can be found by visiting the Online Apothecary. The offerings there, that constitute the Singing Springs line, represent things that many people have the need to remedy or use for general care. There are however infinite possibilities for what can be created and many people do well to have herbal remedies made specifically for their individual needs. This is often where an Ayurvedic Consultation can come in handy. An Herbalist/Ayurvedic Practitioner can make the best assessment of your unique needs with the clear information obtained in a consultation. Herbalists are not however doctors and do not treat or cure diseases, rather, practical recommendations are given which when applied bring the body back into balance.

What if I have a problem that you don’t have a formula for?

If you don’t see a remedy in the product line that fits what you need, feel free to contact me for a custom formulation. I will be happy to consult with you and let you know if your request is something I am able to come up with. If I can’t help, I can most likely refer you to someone who can.