Herb Walks

Discover the medicines in your own backyard.

Julie is available for private or group herb walks. These most often take place in wild locations in and around the San Juan Mountains, but if you are specifically interested in the herbs growing right around your home, they can be done there as well. These walks focus on proper identification of native plants and non-natives alike and their common uses as wild foods and medicines. We can also focus on wildflower identification, or can create an edible wild salad for your dinner as we walk. If sustainable wildcrafting practices interest you, we can focus on those skills, or can learn the skills of botanical sketching. I am happy to cater to each groups specific interests. Learning the local plants is a fantastic way to connect with nature and can prove very practical as well.

This is a wonderful gift for any friend interested in plants, nature or health.

Cost: $50 an hour for one to four people. For groups of five or more, it is just $10 per person per hour.


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