Our Gardens

About Our Gardens

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Singing Springs Botanicals herb gardens are located on a small piece of land in the Uncompagre river valley, in between the towns of Ridgway and Ouray Colorado. The land sits at roughly 7,200 ft elevation in a subalpine ecoregion.

The gardens are home to a diverse collection of medicinal herbs, flowers, perennial food plants, fruit trees and fruiting shrubs. They also offer sanctuary to a variety of pollinators and other creatures.

With herbs on-sight at the apothecary location, we are able to hand-harvest at the peak of potency and process immediately thereafter. Making herbal products using these vital, fresh, organically grown herbs, creates the most lovely and potent remedies. We believe you will notice the beautiful colors and aromas this artisanal way of medicine making creates. It is our mission to hand craft products in this traditional way to produce the highest quality remedies with the lowest carbon footprint possible.