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This package includes a ten day supply, of four different herbal formulas. It is intended to accompany a ten day Ayurvedic Cleanse. Included formulas are; the Lymph Cleanse, the Liver Cleanse, Triphala Plus and the Liver Rasayana. Most of these are also available in the shop in larger sizes, sold separately. Descriptions of each are here…

Lymph Cleanse .8 oz

This Lymph Cleanse formula utilizes Manjishtha, one of the best herbs for destagnating the lymph & cleansing the blood. The lymph system is a major detoxification channel of the body, draining wastes from the blood & every other cell. Manjistha supports the natural function of this system, optimizing the delivery of nutrients & the removal of wastes from the cells. Additional herbs such as Coriander & Amalaki support this function & assist the body in a cleanse state by neutralizing toxins as they are released.*

HANDCRAFTED WITH:  * Amalaki, *Coriander, *Beet root, *Acerola berry, *Ginger, *Burdock root, *Manjistha & *Chlorella (*Certified Organic)

Liver Cleanse .5 oz

The chief herb in this formula  Bhumiamalaki is renowned in Ayurveda both to increase the strength of the liver & to improve liver function. This ability has earned it a place in formulas for liver ailments as severe as hepatitis. The many other supporting herbs in this formula stimulate the liver to cleanse. They also clear inflammation & heat from the body & help dissolve & digest toxins (ama) and kindle the digestive fire (agni).*

HANDCRAFTED WITH:  *Bhumiamalaki, *Burdock root, *Turmeric root, *Oregon Grape root, *Pippali, *Ginger & *Ajwain (*Certified Organic)

Triphala Plus .6 oz

Triphala Plus combines the three fruits of Triphala with three moistening & laxative herbs creating a balanced formula that promotes healthy bowel movements. Triphala alone is an herbal powerhouse used to tone up the g.i. tract. It’s helpful for sluggish digestion, constipation, gas, bloating & indigestion. As a premier detoxifing remedy,  Triphala is used for skin problems such as rashes and acne. It also helps to clear up a coated tongue. Although Triphala is a wonderful threesome, it tends to be a bit drying in dry climates. Therefore, two demulcent herbs, plus psyllium are added to balance and to improve its laxative potential.*

HANDCRAFTED WITH:  *Triphala (Amalaki, Bibhitaki & Haritaki), *Marshmallow root, *Psyllium husk & *Licorice root (* Certified Organic)

Liver Rasayana .42 oz

Ayurveda is famous for its rasayanas or rejuvenative formulas. This rasayana was created specifically to aid in the rejuvenation of the liver. The special herbs in it will tonify, repair & nourish the liver tissues in particular, improving liver health and function. This is beneficial for those who have liver damage due to hepatitis, alcohol or recreational &/or medical drugs. This formula will also strengthen immunity & digestion.*

HANDCRAFTED WITH: *Guduchi, *Astragalus, *Turmeric root, *Schisandra berries, *Burdock & *Milk Thistle seed, *Lycium berries, *licorice root, *Anise seed & *Pippali (*Certified Organic)

*The above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

If you need the information packet on how to do an Ayurvedic Cleanse find it below.


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