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See below for the latest information on classes being offered.

Join Julianne Peterson, herbalist and owner of Singing Springs Botanicals for a weekend excursion in the beautiful San Juan mountains of Southwest Colorado.

  • Meet the magnificent medicines of this unique bioregion.
  • Explore ethical wildcrafting practices in theory and in hands-on practical ways.
  • Share in sacred harvesting practices that go beyond numerical guidelines.
  • Make friends with kindred spirits inspired by love for the Earth and the Plantfolk.
  • Take shelter in the beautiful new Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge.
  • Meals prepared with local wild ingredients including Elk (from Mount Hayden), foraged plants from outings and fresh seasonal veggies from High Desert Seed Farm in Colona.



AUGUST 28th-30th



Call (970) 708-0236 to register.


Our days will be spent largely outside learning to correctly identify the areas bountiful medicine plants and digging into all the practical skills one needs to wildcraft (harvest) these. The other part of the day we will be processing and preparing several medicines with our botanical bounty.
Participants will learn how to prepare the whole gamut of herbal medicaments: aqueous infusions and decoctions, poultices, cordials, infused oils, salves, and more. Preparation skills will be honed and many recipes will be shared so you can return home and make your own herbal medicines.

Material is appropriate for ages 12 and up.

The setting is incredible in terms of beauty and access to a large variety of the premier wild herbs of the region. The elevation of the lodge is 11,000 ft in a mixed conifer (Spruce and Fir) forest with alpine wildflower meadows within a 5 minute walk. Plants we are sure to meet include: Elderberry, Osha, Yarrow, Green Gentian, Arnica, Rattlesnake Plantain, Pink Elephants, Valerian, Cleavers, Nettle, Angelica and many more.


 Friday August 28th

  • Arrive Friday afternoon at your leisure. Pick your sleeping area. Settle in.
  • Meet and greet at 6:00 PM
  • Dinner will be served at 7:00 PM
  • Desert following
  • Herbal adventure board game

Saturday August 29th 

  • Breakfast at 7:00
  • Pack your pack for morning foray
  • Herb walk, meeting the locals 9:00-12:00
  • Lunch in the field 12:00-1:00
  • Class- Ethical and Sustainable Wildcrafting, Protecting Our Future 1:00-3:00
  • Break 3:00-4:00
  • Class- Medicine Making Part 1 Herbal infusions, Decoctions, Poultices, Compresses and Fomentations 4:00-6:00
  • Dinner served at 7:00 PM
  • Desert following
  • Rest or celebrate in song sharing, music and merriment

 Sunday August 30th

  • Breakfast at 7:00
  • Pack your pack for morning foray
  • Harvest herbs for medicine making 9:00-12:00
  • Lunch on the deck 12:00-1:00
  • Class- Medicine Making Part 2 Tinctures, Cordials, Vinegars, Infused Oils and Salves 1:00-3:00
  • Pack up 3:00-3:30
  • Closing Circle 4:00

Lodging Price $240 includes:
Lodging Friday and Saturday night at the Mount Hayden Backcountry Lodge, Dinner Friday and Saturday and breakfast Saturday and Sunday morning. Meals are prepared almost exclusively with organic and local farm grown food (provided by High Desert Seed & Gardens). Students will be responsible for their own snacks and lunches for Saturday and Sunday.

Class Price $240 includes:
7 hours of class time on Saturday and 5 hours of class on Sunday. All materials for demonstrations. Students will also get a few medicines to bring home and loads of medicine making ideas, inspiration and a skill set that will last a lifetime.

What you will need:
Off road, high clearance, four wheel drive vehicle to get to the lodge. It may be possible to carpool up with others. This can be arranged closer to the date or you can do an easy one hour hike from parking and avoid the four-wheel drive.

Appropriate clothing for high mountain weather. It may be very hot and sunny or very cold and possibly rainy so everything from a sun hat, sunscreen and shorts to long underwear a warm hat, raincoat and insulated jacket.

A personal water bottle. There is no need to bring water. There is an amazing spring with super water on the property.
Snacks or lunch for Saturday and Sunday.
A notepad and pen (optional as very detailed notes will be provided for each of the classes).

As the lodge is at 11,000 feet elevation and runs on solar there is no laundry service so guests need to bring their own silk bag liner, summer sleeping bag or sheet for the beds. There are blankets and comforters but not sheets.

To register call Julie at (970)-708-0236

Scheduled Ayurvedic Classes

The Essence of Ayurveda
In this series, students will discover the very essence of Ayurveda, a science of conscious living that originated in ancient India and is now extending its influence worldwide. Ayurveda teaches us a lifestyle that, when lived, prevents disease and optimizes health and well being by connecting us with Natures own rhythms.


  • 1st Class- Wednesday, May 17th 4:30-6:00
  • 2nd Class- Wednesday, May 31th 4:30-6:00
  • 3rd Class- Tuesday, June 6th 4:30-6:00
  • 4th Class- Tuesday, June 20th 4:30-6:00

1st Class- This is perhaps the most important class as fundamental principles will be covered. We will delve into the 20 gunas, the 20 pairs of opposite qualities, that when understood allow us to communicate with Nature herself. We will unpack how these qualities relate to the 3 doshas, the seasons, foods, and even lifestyle. Each student will determine his or her unique prakruti (constitutional type).

2nd Class– We will cover all manner of Ayurvedic wisdom in relation to diet. Ayurvedic eating encompasses much more than the foods we eat. We will learn numerous practices for keeping agni (the digestive fire) strong and healthy, proper food combining, how the six tastes can be employed to balance the doshas and more. We will discuss how to evolve eating habits and get out of food ruts. Students will create a dietary action plan to balance their dosha and sustain lasting health.

3rd Class- We will discover the art of the dinacharya, the Ayurvedic daily routine. Students will create a personal dinacharya to incorporate many balancing Ayurvedic self-care practices.

4th Class- We will explore yet another Ayurvedic practice for increased energy, clarity, radiant skin and general wellness- a simple Ayurvedic home cleanse. We will cover in detail; why we should cleanse, when to cleanse and how to cleanse. Students will receive clear instructions on how to undergo a safe and effective, ten-day Ayurvedic cleanse.

Classes will be held at Elevate Day Spa 222 5th Ave, Ouray, CO.  For questions or to sign up please call- 970-325-7233.
Please join us on this exciting journey and learn how you can utilize the essence of Ayurveda to live with increased vitality and joy!

The cost per class is $25.00 if taken individually.  If purchased all at once the discounted rate will be $20.00 per class, for a total of $80.00.


Upcoming Ayurvedic Classes

Specific date is yet to be determined, please check back.

Ayurveda, Mental Health & The Maha Gunas– This class will explore the Ayurvedic concept of the maha gunas, the three great qualities of the universe, known as sattva, rajas, and tamas. First, we will get a clear concept of what the three qualities are. Then, we will delve into how they relate to the mind and emotions. Finally, students will come to see how these qualities permeate foods, other substances, and even behaviors, and how Ayurveda utilizes them as a tool to bring balance and health to the mind.