Quality Practices

Exceptional ingredients equal potent remedies.

To create potent, therapeutic herbal remedies one must start with the finest ingredients. At Singing Springs Botanicals (S.S.B.) no exceptions are made when it comes to quality. The best medicines, like the best meals, are made from fresh, wholesome, pure, high quality ingredients. Read below for the details.


• All of the herbs used to create S.S.B. products are either organically grown or ethically wildcrafted. The organically grown herbs are tested and certified free of heavy metals. Wildcrafted plants are harvested in an ecological and sustainable manner with the utmost care, compassion, and respect, from unpolluted areas.
• All products are chemical free and never contain synthetic or petroleum based ingredients, nor chemical preservatives.
• Only absolutely pure, steam distilled essential oils are used, never synthetic fragrances or artificial scents.
• All products are free of parabens, GMOs, artificial colors or dyes, and artificial flavors.
• S.S.B. products are cruelty free, i.e. are never tested on animals.
• The products are conscientiously created, with mindfulness and care, as well as with intention, for the healing energy of the herbs to transfer to the users.
• All jars and bottles are glass instead of plastic and are reusable or recyclable.
• Any and all packaging materials received are used again for shipping.


Creating the Highest Quality Botanical Remedies:

The Herbs – As it is part of the Singing Springs mission to promote health on a large scale, both for customers and for the Earth herself, every herb we use is certified organically grown or wildcrafted. This means the cost of producing these products is much higher, but I hope you feel as I do, that it is entirely worth it. These herbs, cultivated with such care hold the energy of healthy environments. They are completely free of chemical residues from pesticides or herbicides and are carefully harvested at their peak of potency. Once harvested, they are processed immediately so their medicinal properties are preserved.

The Base Materials – Base materials for the medicinal preparations are just as important as the herbs that go into them. The oils used for Singing Springs infusions and serums are the most exquisite available. They are certified organic, extracted through cold pressed or expeller pressed methods and are completely unrefined. This yields the most desirable, unadulterated pure oils. Such oils have lovely bold color, rich aroma and contain key nutrients such as essential fatty acids. They literally nourish the skin, while simultaneously acting as vehicles for the medicinal constituents in the topically applied medicines.

Artisanal Production – Singing Springs herbal remedies are artisanal quality meaning they are hand-crafted, in small batches, with great care and attention to detail, utilizing traditional, time-tested methods of herb-craft.

Medicine making truly is an art. Formulation skills are honed over time, by information gleaned from each and every batch produced. With lots of experimentation and love, a high quality product is created. There are many benefits of this way of creating products. Making small batches assures the herbs are handled carefully and are immersed in their extraction medium as soon as possible after harvest. Large companies have to buy herbs in massive quantities, which means the quality of the raw material goes down as plants are baled with machines, trucked, tossed into warehouses etc. before being used. Additionally, plants are never all perfectly ready at the exact same time. Small scale medicine making means one can high-grade the available herbs, culling out anything less than perfect. Furthermore, when making small batch medicines one can take their time, or more truthfully, Mother Nature’s time. In small scale manufacturing, extractions or infusions can be done slowly over time, at low temperatures. These techniques preserve the essential fatty acids in the oils and the more fragile constituents in the herbs such as volatile oils (essential oils). Additionally, small scale production can be in accordance with natural lunar cycles, as the moon has powerful effects on plants and their medicinal properties. Finally, work done by hand is inherently more environmental as it requires much less energy than mass production with machines. It is these artisanal touches that set small scale handcrafted medicines such as those made by Singing Springs apart from their mass manufactured competitors.

Packaging – Finally, great care is taken to preserve all this goodness by using natural materials for containers. All Singing Springs artisan herbal products are packaged in amber or cobalt glass, except the teas. This minimizes the use of plastic and assures the longest possible shelf life. Dark glass protects the precious ingredients from deterioration by exposure to light and air and prevents any leaching of plastic compounds into the medicine. The teas come packaged in a tin or a Kraft paper bag. When empty they can be recycled with other products.

Through all of these quality practices Singing Springs offers an exceptional line of potent, health promoting, botanical products. Thank you for supporting this effort and natural, organic, wild and eco-conscious health care!