About Singing Springs Botanicals

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Singing Springs Botanicals

To create potent, therapeutic herbal remedies one must start with the finest ingredients. At Singing Springs Botanicals we make no exceptions when it comes to quality. The best medicines, like the best meals are made from fresh, wholesome, pure, high quality ingredients. Below are some highlights about our quality practices. For more in-depth information continue reading below.


  • All of the herbs used to create our products are organically grown or ethically wildcrafted. Wildcrafted plants are harvested in an ecological and sustainable manner with the utmost care, compassion, and respect, from unpolluted areas.
  • All our organically grown herbs are tested and certified free of heavy metals.
  • All our products are chemical free. They never contain any synthetic or petroleum based ingredients.
  • We never use chemical preservatives.
  • We only use absolutely pure, steam distilled essential oils, never synthetic fragrances or artificial scents.
  • All products are free of parabens, GMOs, artificial colors or dyes, and artificial flavors.
  • Our products are cruelty free and sattvic, they are non-harming to any living beings and are not tested on animals.
  • Our products are conscientiously created, with mindfulness and care, as well as with intention, for the healing energy of the herbs to transfer to the users.
  • All jars and bottles are glass instead of plastic and are reusable or recyclable.
  • We reuse any and all packaging materials.

Creating the Highest Quality Botanicals 

The Herbs – As it is part of our mission to promote health on a large scale, for both our customers and for the Earth herself, every herb we use is certified organically grown or wildcrafted. This means our cost of producing these products is much higher but we feel it is entirely worth it. These herbs, cultivated with such care hold the energy of healthy environments. They are completely free of chemical residues from pesticides or herbicides and are carefully harvested at their peak of potency. They are processed immediately after harvest so their medicinal properties are preserved.

Base Materials  – Base materials for the medicinal preparations are just as important as the herbs that go into them. The oils we use for our extractions, serums and infusions are the most exquisite available. They are certified organic, extracted through cold pressed or expeller pressed methods and are completely unrefined. This yields the most desirable, unadulterated pure oils. Such oils have lovely bold color, rich aroma and contain key nutrients such as essential fatty acids. They literally nourish the skin and act as vehicles for most of our topically applied medicines.

Extraction Process – Such fine herbs and medicinal bases deserve careful handling. At Singing Springs we take our time, or more truthfully, Mother Nature’s time. Our extractions are done at low temperatures to preserve the essential fatty acids in the oils and the fragile constituents in the herbs. This is all achieved in accordance with natural lunar cycles, as the moon has powerful effects on plants and their medicinal properties. No short cuts are taken.

Packaging – Finally, we take great care to preserve all this goodness by using natural materials for containers. All our artisan herbal products are packaged in amber or cobalt glass, except our teas, minimizing the use of plastic and assuring the longest possible shelf life. Dark glass protects the precious ingredients from deterioration by exposure to light and air and prevents any leaching of plastic compounds into the medicine. Our teas come packaged in a tin. When empty they can be recycled with other products.

Through all of these quality practices- we offer you an exceptional line of potent products. Thank you for supporting this effort and natural, organic and eco-conscious health care!