Our Mission

Our mission is to promote well-being, by providing holistic herbal remedies, and health consultations, that integrate the traditions of Ayurveda and Western Herbalism.

We are incredibly fortunate, to be living at a time, when we can stretch beyond our singular culture and access the best the world has to offer. This is especially fortunate for the field of holistic and herbal medicine. The most helpful and precious herbs, from across this beautiful planet, are fairly easy to access. There is also an open flow of wisdom from teachers around the world. To these teachers, both the green, growing and flowering ones, and the two-legged ones, who have dedicated their lives to spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda and the Western Herbal Tradition, we are deeply grateful. Without these teachers our mission would not be possible.

With our roots finding nourishment in the soil of gratitude, we are passionately growing in our mission to promote well-being. This mission has three main aspects. The first is to provide a line of handcrafted, 100% natural, organic and wild, herbal products. The second is to offer personalized Herbal & Ayurvedic Health Consultations. The third aspect of our mission is to support others who have a similar vision. Read on for a more detailed picture.


The first aspect of our mission is to offer a line of thoughtfully handcrafted herbal products of the finest quality. These products are made with people care, earth care and fair share ethics at heart.

People care: These natural remedies are 100% plant based and offer an alternative to the petro-chemical based products still prevalent in the modern drug store. It has been our experience that by simply making the switch to plant based, natural products for skin care and self-care many people find a variety of health problems disappear. We want you to have access to completely safe products.

Earth care: Beyond personal well-being and safety, botanical remedies are clean, and as long as the plants are organically grown, they do no harm to the environment. They are safe for our Mother Earth. The well-being of the environment is as critical to our personal health as what we put on and into our bodies. The movement towards organic self-care is more important today than ever before. Pollinators, the best friends of the herbs and plants, are critical to their very existence and today are seriously at risk and need our help. The over half-century of pesticide use for agriculture has taken a serious toll.

If pollinators perish so will the wealth of botanical medicine of the planet. Plants are truly fascinating alchemists, converting the sacred elements of sunlight (fire), soil (earth), air and water into a multitude of medicines. We as humans cannot duplicate this miraculous work but can only pay attention and learn what plants have to offer us and extract and preserve this magic and bottle it. A large part of our mission is to support only those farmers and companies that grow herbs organically and thus protect the planets wellbeing. As for herbs we gather from the wild, we see our mission as their stewards. Our roll here is not to provide medicines at all costs, but to provide it only in a way that is gentle on the local plants and always keeps their well-being and sustainability in mind. 

Fair Share: Plant based remedies support people rather than large oil and pharmaceutical corporations. It takes many hands to tend plants and rear them, from soil preparation to harvesting and processing. When plants are grown organically this is good clean work for many people. Further, the people who do the work get the money because the chain from raw material to end product is very short. In many cases there is no middle person at all, meaning we simply walk out into nature and harvest her abundance, bring that material home, and process it into an herbal remedy. In some cases we contract with local Colorado farmers to grow certain herbs, and we pick them up directly from the farm. There are some plants that simply do not grow in this area and those we purchase from reliable, ethical, herbalist-run companies. These herbs, if from afar, are always Fair Trade and Certified Organic. Actually, the main international herb provider we use goes beyond Fair Trade with Good Trade practices.

Another benefit of a short chain of labor is that herbal remedies are truly affordable compared to pharmaceuticals, making them available to everyone. Though our 100% organic products are a bit more expensive than non-organic products, we feel the alternatives are more costly when you look at the big picture.

For more information about our business’s quality practices visit the about Singing Springs page.


The second aspect of our mission to promote well-being is to offer personalized Herbal & Ayurvedic Health Consultations.

It’s my absolute passion to study plant medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. I find it fascinating and inspiring to read and dialogue about natural healing and the most rewarding part is to share this information. This information only benefits when it is shifted from the realm of information to the realm of action. It is an honor to work with others and share the things that so inspire myself. I see my roll as a facilitator or teacher not as healer per-se.

I help connect people with the natural health practices that are specifically balancing for them. The healing is really in the hands of the client. Consultations focus on bringing balance and wellness to the individual through the combination of diet and lifestyle practices and custom herbal formulations according to the client’s unique needs. Individuals are supported in an honest and respectful way, with positive and focused energy and intention, so they feel inspired to take their healing into their own hands. Greater awareness, harmony and improved overall health are the aim. For more information about health consultations visit the consultations page.


The final aspect of our mission is to support others who have a similar vision. 

Each year we allocate a percentage of our earnings to the organizations listed below. The list represents organizations that have inspired us through their visions and through their own unique ways of supporting goodness and wellbeing. Some support the protection of wild medicinal plants, while others passion is to support the dissemination of herbal wisdom, while others work to relieve suffering benefit humanity in more general ways. The list is live with links, so you can look into these groups. Perhaps you may be inspired to support these causes too. 

  • UPS- United Plant Savers https://www.unitedplantsavers.org/ Their mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.
  • AHG- American Herbalists Guild http://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/ Founded in 1989 as a non-profit, educational organization to represent the goals and voices of herbalists specializing in the medicinal use of plants. Their primary goal is to promote a high level of professionalism and education in the study and practice of therapeutic herbalism.
  • ABC- American Botanical Council http://abc.herbalgram.org/ ABC is passionate about helping people live healthier lives through the responsible use of herbs and medicinal plants. They are an independent, nonprofit research and education organization dedicated to providing accurate and reliable information for consumers, healthcare practitioners, researchers, educators, industry and the media.
  • NAMA- National Ayurvedic Medical Association http://www.ayurvedanama.org/ The National Ayurvedic Medical Association is a national organization representing the Ayurvedic profession in the United States of America. Its mission is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the philosophy, knowledge, science and practice of Ayurveda for the benefit of humanity.
  • Vedika Global http://vedikaglobal.org/ “To serve all beings selflessly, and become part of a grand spiritual solution is Vedika Global’s Founding Vedic Value”. Through the agency of Vedika Global’s sister organization, World Seva Foundation (WSF), which is also founded by Vedika Global’s Founder, Acharya Shunya, Vedika Global is now supporting Compassion in ActionProjects in Ayurveda’s motherland of India.
  • Amma http://amma.org/ Mata Amritanandamayi is known throughout the world as Amma, or Mother, for her selfless love and compassion toward all beings. Her entire life has been dedicated to alleviating the pain of the poor, and those suffering physically and emotionally.


If you have questions about any aspect of our mission please feel free to contact us. Personal interaction with our customers is always welcome, as we feel that together we form a greater, more supporting community, caring to improve the well-being of the plants, people and the planet.