Singing Springs offers four products that contain Ashwagandha. It’s a chief herb in both our Immmune Enhancing Herbal Honey and our Superhero Honey, and we have a brand new product with it called Ojas Rasayana. There are also 4 oz. (1/4 lb.) jars of the Ashwagandha root in powder form.

     In the first two products mentioned the Ashwagandha root is in a base of honey. You may be wondering why do we put it with honey? There are two reasons we created these formulas in honey. The first reason is that honey is one of the best “anupans”. An anupan is an herbal carrier or vehicle that can enhance the potency of a preparation as well as facilitate its journey to the intended destination in the body. Certain substances either act as catalysts for the main active herbs of a formula or assist in carrying them to the tissues of the body. Honey as anupan does both, greatly enhancing the activity of the herbs taken with it! The second reason is because it’s YUMMY! I truly feel, and I bet you do too, that medicine does not have to taste bad! Actually if it tastes good we both- want to take it, and energetically we accept it with pleasure rather than resisting it, with a scrunched up face. As an adaptogenic herb Ashwagandha gives the greatest benefit to those who take it on a regular basis, like daily. So. I figured if these formulas tasted great, people would be much more likely to remember, and even look forward to taking them.

     As with all of our products, the herbs in these products, both chief and supporting, are ALL 100% Certified Organically grown and GMO free. The Ashwagandha root is included in it’s pure, revitalizing, whole form, not as a standardized extract.

     Our certified organic Ashwagandha root helps minimize the negative effects of stress, supports a healthy immune system, helps build sexual vitality and reproductive health, promotes relaxation, rejuvenates & nourishes the nervous system, and helps those with insomnia get a better quality rest. Because life can be overwhelming and stressful Ashwagandha is an awesome ally!